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Reliable performance and quality, in addition to the highest level of customer support.
We provide services throughout metropolitan Toronto and across the country. When our clients’ transportation and distribution needs extend across North America, we enlist qualified associate partners across the continent to see that your requirements are satisfied.

Customer Service

Super friendly, always "ON" customer service!
At Three Star Delivery, we are dedicated to your success.

Three Star Delivery Ltd. has a reputation for Fast service.
We deliver... on Time! Anyplace! Anytime!

Our highly trained staff of professionals will find the best possible solution for your particular needs, whether it's a local courier van or large capacity cargo truck.

Featured Services

Three Star Delivery Ltd.

We provide a variety of same-day transportation and distribution service for clients of all sizes, from small local companies to Fortune 500 organization. Whether across the street, across town or across the country, we can provide a solution to meet your individual needs.

One-Stop Shop

Think of Three Star Delivery Ltd. as your one-stop shop, capable of providing all the time-critical, same day delivery services you need. There is no longer any need to deal with multiple carriers. We have the proven technology, experience and desire to support all of your delivery needs both now and in the future.